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  • 4-H Name and Emblem User Guide - USDA

Across County Lines

Award and Scholarship Applications

Commerical Lamb Class

Dog Forms

Enrollment Forms

Forms for Advisors and Club Volunteers

Transporting a 4-H member or taking the member on a trip ? Have the youth's parent complete all three forms:

  1. Permission to Participate, Pdf Form or  Form in Word
  2. Permission to Transport Form
  3. 4-H Health Statement Form


Hocking County Endowment Fund

Horse Forms

  • 2020 Hocking County 4-H Horse Team Info Sheet
  • 2020 Horse Team Member Agreement
  • Horse Arena Sign Sponsorship Form, 2020
  • 2020 PAS Show Dates
  • 2020 List of forms to return to the OSU Extension Office 
  • Hoofbeats Newsletters, December 2019
  • Permission to Participate in 4-H Horse Activties, 2020
  • Ohio 4-H Protective Headgear Policy FAQ
  • Ohio 4-H Protective Headgear Rule
  • Ohio 4-H Horse Program Rules Form, 2020
  • Horse Leasing Guidelines
  • How to Complete Safety & Ethics Training Form, 2020
  • 2020 Hocking County 4-H Horse Committee - Sponsorship Form
  • State 4-H Animal Science page for Horse Information
  • Horse ID Form with Photo Template 2020
  • 4-H Health Statement Form Photo required - please attach
  • PAS Form to Youth Going to Other Counties to Qualify, 2020
  • Hocking County 4-H PAS Show Entry Form for 2020
  • Hocking County 4-H Horse Program Rules, 2020
  • Hocking County 4-H Horse Point Show Rules, 2020

Older Youth Opportunities for 2020

Outstanding Livestock Exhibitor (OLE), 

Information page, updated 8-13-19

Shooting Sports

Youth Board