New in 2023 for Rabbit Projects

  • With the revision of the 228 Rabbit Project Book, there is a NEW REQUIREMENT of specific Focus Questions each year to download to complete your project book. Refer to page 5 of the Rabbit Record Book.

2023 Focus Questions ; Rabbit Resources

  • Reminder: The Rabbit Resource Book is a required supplement for project book completion. This is a one time purchase and may be shared among siblings.

  • Reminder: Project levels for ALL livestock projects in Hocking County are based on school grade only. Years in project is not applicable.

BEGINNER: grades 3-5   INTERMEDIATE: grades 6-8   ADVANCED: grades 9 and over  

Hocking County Fair 2023 DUNF Form LINK

Hocking County Fair 1st Year Exhibitor Helper Pamphlet

2023 Hocking County Fair Guide

2023 Hocking County 4-H Committee Mother's Day Weekend Garden Market Flyer -  Mini for Printing

2023 Hocking County Drug Use Notification Form - How to Guide - Video

2023 Hocking County Drug Use Notification Form - How to Guide - PDF

2023 Hocking County Fair Livestock Dates and Requirements

Ohio State Fair - Market Swine Must Be Ractopamine-Free

Because ractopamine has been banned in international markets, swine exhibited at the 2020 Ohio State Fair are required to be ractopamine-free. To ensure that exhibitors follow this protocol, the Ohio State Fair will secure a signed affidavit from a parent or legal guardian at the time of entry which states that the pigs exhibited by their showman have never been offered ractopamine. A sample affidavit developed by The Ohio State University can be found here:

Pork Quality Assurance Certification - requirement for the 2020 Ohio State Fair

Parents/Guardians are required to be PQA certified for youth to exhibit market swine at the Ohio State Fair.


NEW in 2020 Ohio State Fair DNA Sample Collection Instructions


Ohio's Livestock Tampering Rules 

Swine Information

Foreign Animal Disease (FAD)

FAD Preparation Checklist

Swine Influenza Resources

Requirements of Livestock Projects for Exhibition in Ohio Fairs


4-H Awards List

Project Enrollment for 4-H and FFA Members Showing Animals at the Ohio State Fair

Pullorum Testing Rules

Sheep and Goat Scrapie Info

Minimizing Influenza Transmission during Exhibitions

Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training

  • Directions for Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training

Veterinary Feed Directive Implemented 1-1-17

Ohio's Livestock Tampering Exhibition Rules

Outstanding Livestock Exhibitor Program (OLE)